Advantages of Modular Construction

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modular constructionThe Modular Building Institute [MBI] was founded in 1983, and is an international non-profit trade association related to modular construction. The institute’s mission is to promote the concept of offsite construction, and goes about this in a number of ways. These include innovative building practices, education, outreach to professionals and customers, and support of high quality designs and facilities. The European Advisory Council provides advice to MBI, and facilitates a forum to highlight best practice and networking.

Modular construction has really taken off in the last few years, as it offers many advantages compared to traditional building methods. The process involves the same materials and the same design codes and standards, the main difference being completion time and accuracy. Structures are created in ‘modules’, and assembled on site delivering precise specifications and identical to the design plan.

A 2020 survey by Dodge Data & Analytics, showed that modular construction has positively impacted seven specific aspects of construction project delivery. Productivity, quality and schedule certainty are at the top of the list. Projects also experience increased ‘Return Of Investment’, less material is wasted and delays are less frequent. A report by the National Institute of Building Sciences stated that, “Compared with traditional construction, permanent modular construction projects have statistically fewer change orders, which makes the design/ construction process go smoother and faster.”

For a while now there have been calls for the construction industry to embrace new technologies, yet many companies are sceptical about new solutions. The benefits of modular construction are numerous and include limited weather impact, lower costs and reduction of project duration by up to 30%. Construction companies can lower costs significantly and pass these savings on to their customers. Another way to do this is by hiring plant machinery, tools and equipment in places like Hertford.


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