Are Your Home Contents Covered?

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Imagine losing everything in your home due to a fire or a burglary, then try to calculate the cost of replacing it all! For instance, losses due to fire can include carpets, furniture, electrical items, personal belongings and important documents. Yet despite how common these potentially devastating events are, many people assume that it won’t happen to them. Buildings insurance is compulsory where mortgage providers are concerned, but contents insurance is a matter of choice. Although the wise property owner will consider taking out contents insurance for a number of reasons, some of which are: –

  • It is possible to select a policy to suit your needs, like a ‘new for old’ policy allowing you to replace lost or damaged items.
  • Personal possessions cover can ensure help where laptops, ipads, cameras, phones and jewellery are damaged or lost while away from home.
  • Sometimes a helpline is included in the policy if advice about aspects such as employment and taxation is required.
  • Extras can include home emergency cover for plumber or tradesman call outs or parts.

There are also a few things you need to know regarding insurance, such as: –

  • Premiums generally rise each year making it a good idea to shop around regularly.
  • You will normally have to pay an excess on any claim, and the amount will depend on the payment you choose.
  • Policies need to be read carefully to be aware of any exclusions, meaning things which are not covered.
  • You should check that you will get adequate cover from your policy

The right insurance policy for your home means that you can be happy in the knowledge that if the worst happens it’s not the end of the world. If the need for reparation work arises be sure to contact building specialists such as Premier Build Ltd, who have extensive experience of insurance work.

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