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 When considering new carpets or flooring for your home or business, the most important aspect is quality. Whether it’s for the bedroom, hall, dining room, kitchen or bathroom, your floor will take the brunt of daily life. It has to cope with visitors walking over it, the weight of heavy furniture, food and drink being spilled and hairs and paw marks from pets. Of course some areas experience higher foot traffic than others, so are more prone to damage or wear and tear.

Our decisions about which flooring products to use should be informed by how much use those places receive. The hallway and stairs will benefit from dense, low pile carpets in resilient fibers such as nylon. Darker colours and patterns are a good idea too, especially in the hall as this is where guests will get the first view of your home. Tough areas here for carpets are the top and bottom of the stairs, as this is where people turn their feet creating stress on the pile, but quality carpets handle this abuse very well.

Living rooms usually get a fair amount of use from kids, pets, and just general everyday living, so multicoloured dense or loop pile carpet textures are ideal here. Their construction makes them very forgiving in more active parts of the home where tracked in debris is a possibility. Bedrooms, or maybe rooms kept for entertaining guests, can have more luxurious carpets and flooring. Indulgent thicker pile carpets in pale natural shades give these rooms a stunning look and can also be easy to clean and long lasting.

Water resistant flooring such as LVT or laminate is suitable and probably the best bet for kitchens and bathrooms, as they are hard wearing and low maintenance. Bleach, oil, water and other substances could damage these floors, so a durable, stain resistant flooring solution is best. We have some stunning flooring solutions for your bathroom, and for gorgeous bathroom ideas take a look at Bathroom Beauty of Bolton, where you will find a fabulous range of modern bathrooms and accessories.


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