Designing your Relaxation and Work Environments

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Before choosing items for your home makeover, think about the overall effect you’re looking for, after all, your home should ultimately make you happy. A truly inspiring home is one which reflects the individuality of the occupants, so be brave and add that unusual item of furniture, or apply that brightly coloured paint. Each room has a function, whether centred on relaxation or work, and you can concentrate on one room at a time, planning your designs so that each room works for you. There are two rooms within the home that are sometimes not given the attention they deserve, even though they can have quite an affect on our mood.


The bedroom is important as we spend a fair amount of our lives in there, so comfort and captivating aesthetics are the key. When buying a new bed, go for the best you can afford providing a well supported back and a blissfully refreshing sleep. A good mattress and a little more shut eye can aid with weight loss, improve memory, increase concentration and ease aches and pains. Ensure that your bed is ultra welcoming with designer bedding, like the exquisite ranges available at Coatez, including Kylie Minogue At Home Bedding, Holly Willoughby Bedding and Ted Baker Bedding. Stunning covers, throws, cushions and curtains will give your bedroom the wow factor and make retiring for the night a tempting pleasure.


At the opposite end of the spectrum is your home work space if you have one, which too often does not receive enough attention. This is surprising as making this space work for you, usually results in enhanced productivity. You can make this part of the home as quirky as you like if you think it will encourage you to be creative and complete tasks, although certain factors are essential. These include a comfortable chair to prevent or alleviate back pain from sitting for long periods of time. Good lighting is another frequently neglected consideration, which can have an impact on a successful outcome, and avoids headaches and eye strain. Keeping your desk and surrounding area neat and organised gives a powerful psychological advantage, and allows you to focus on the task in hand.

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