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When planning a home makeover, most people start off with a rough but simple idea of what they want, then reject certain aspects, and realise that others are impractical. They might completely change their mind about the colour and wonder what they were thinking! Before they know it, frustration and defeat follow a mish mash of thoughts, with no real idea of how it would all look when completed. Of course a decision has to be made sometime, and by the time it’s realised a mistake has been made, money has probably been spent on paint, furniture etc.

Most of us have had these experiences, when doubt about our interior design skills begins to creep in. Apart from the overall desired effect, other questions pop into our mind like are the colours too dark, drab or uncoordinated. Is there too much of one colour, can you mix patterns, and what about themes? Floors are often neglected during all this preparation, and end up being a bit of an afterthought, yet the floors in any room are a major feature. The wrong choice of flooring can totally spoil your home upgrade, alternatively it can bring an unbelievably wonderful transformation.

Your flooring is one of the first things people notice on entering any room, so if they are grubby or worn they will bring down the look of the surroundings. Carpets, vinyl tiles, wood and laminate need to be of a certain quality, in order to perform well. They are a multi functional part of your property so need to be hard wearing, easy to clean and attractive.

In fact, the floors should perhaps be the first consideration in your plan, as they set the scene for the rest of the project. Think about how hard wearing it needs to be, are there children or pets around? Where is the most foot traffic as in near the entrance doors, and which areas get light wear with minimum chance of food and drink stains such as in the bedroom. Does comfy and luxurious appeal or do you prefer a fresh, easy clean surface. We have a vast range of every kind of flooring, and are happy to help. If you need some help with your interior design project, and would like a stress free experience, take a look at Multi Building Services Ltd, who offer this service, and are renowned for stunning results every time.


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