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Gorgeous homes bring a lot of joy to occupants and visitors, especially where there are little luxurious touches here and there like stunning flooring or spectacular lighting. These home enhancements can add up financially though, which is why it pays to protect them from damage.

Good quality alarm systems are worth their weight in gold when it comes to peace of mind and keeping you and your family safe. With these in place, whenever you leave your home or business, you can relax in the knowledge that it will probably be in one piece when you get back.

The winter especially, is a time when we need to take care, as the nights are longer and there is more opportunity for break ins to happen under cover of darkness. As well as having an alarm system fitted, you can carry out a few simple steps to reduce the chance of this happening: –

  1. Use timers with your light switches to make it appear that somebody is home.
  2. Close curtains and blinds at night so that burglars cannot not see inside.
  3. Fit high performance locks on doors and windows on the home, garage and shed.

Equally during the colder months is when the most electrical items, heating and lighting is used, perhaps unattended, requiring regular safety checks. Stay safe by:-

  1. Always have fully working smoke alarms on each floor of the home or business, and test batteries yearly.
  2. Decide on an escape route should a fire break out and let everybody know what it is. Never stay indoors and try to tackle a fire, get outside.
  3. Make a check each night before bed that there are no fire hazards.
  4. Only use one plug per socket, and make sure none of your electrical appliances, cables and plugs are damaged or defective.
  5. Be aware of the dangers surrounding smoking cigarettes where fire is concerned. Always extinguish them properly and dispose of them safely.
  6. Take extra care when cooking as fires caused here amount to over half of all accidental fires!

For advice on all kinds of electrical issues, call JJP Electrical on 020 3837 4958.

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