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Carpets & Flooring for Commercial Applications, Tough, Hard Wearing Carpeting & Carpet Tiles, Essex

There are a vast amount of choices these days when it comes to high quality carpets and carpet tiles intended for use in offices, retail environments, schools, universities, hotels, airports and care homes. This type of carpet differs from domestic carpets as they need to cope with an incredible amount of foot traffic and wear and tear. Shoes are seldom removed when entering a shop for instance, so anything can be walked in from the street such as mud, and other kinds of dirt. In fact modern carpets of this kind are so durable and attractive, that they are even used in many homes too.

Wood or stone flooring does a great job in any space and is favoured by many for its ease of cleaning and ability to stay looking good. Stone and wood are often chosen for use in areas that experience a lot of footfall, and can remain looking spectacular with little maintenance. Carpets however bring their own unique charm, and exude luxury with their soft and quiet feel underfoot. Even the toughest, most hard wearing carpet will provide the desired cushioning effect, and has left behind the reputation of being plain and drab. Warm and welcoming, carpets bring in customers and entice them to linger longer!

Flooring is now taken very seriously by architects and interior designers, which is why carpets intended for public areas now come in beautiful designs and interesting textures. They are typically long lasting, difficult to damage and extremely stain resistant. Carpet tiles are often preferable to rolls of carpet, as individual tiles can be replaced if need be without affecting the surrounding carpet tiles. They are usually the cheaper option also, and when purchasing it’s easier to assess the exact amount of tiles you will need. If you prefer to use a roll of carpet, the latest types of commercial carpet are a dream to clean and remove stains etc.

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